Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Costume Ideas

First of all is the steampunk Confederate vivandiere that will be for Marcon. When I discussed this outfit with Miss Von Stoup she expressed interest in joining me and perhaps even dressed her Doctor as a zouave. I just sketched the costume and I think my ideas will work just swimmingly - Burda 7458 cropped to the waist (in gray of course), a Civil War style gathered knee length skirt (also in gray), and harem style trousers underneath, either tucked into knee high and ankle boots. I want to use authentic insignia and such for accuracy. I may actually do gray trousers and a colored skirt, with the color based on what division I want to be. Artilliary, medical, etc. This is assuming of course that we go army and not navy...that'll change insignia and such.

Secondly, I've been researching and planning a Middle Eastern inspired steampunk costume. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a good resource for nineteenth century Islamic clothing, so I'm leaning more towards the Turkish style. This idea has been rolling around in my head for a few months and this morning I sat down at my desk and thought - I could probably put this together for Ohayocon. My original plan was to use scarves I already have for a hijab and bustle so that's already taken care of. I'd really like to do a Turkish style jacket (square front, elaborate embroidery) but don't know if I'll have time for that before Ohayo, so I was thinking and I have a short black corduroy vest that I made a while ago and have never worn. So that could definitely work. I'll probably look into adding some appliqued embroidery or beading but may just leave it plain. I have a white Victorian style blouse that I can wear. So all I need are the trousers. I don't know if I'll go with the full 'Turkish' style trousers yet, I have some black knit that I think would make comfortable bloomers but there's not enough for actual Turkish trousers.

So for Ohayocon I'm thinking - white blouse, black vest, maybe a waist cincher, black harem style trouser tucked into boots, bright pink scarf as a bustle, with another bright pink scarf over my head. Probably not a full pinned in place hijab, but at least draped. All I have to make is the trousers which should be super easy and maybe a cincher if I decide I want one. I have a metal belt that I might wear, but it has brown leather on it so it may not work. Although I am sort of tempted to see if the pants I'm wearing right now would work in a pinch - black striped and full so if I tucked them into boots they'd blouse...might be worth trying.

Future plans - Actual Turkish jacket and trousers and probably some other accoutrement.

I'm rather excited right now -- upcoming steampunk Confederate plans for Marcon and putting together this costume for Ohayocon (after Miss Dashwood's Catwoman is complete of course). By the way, the blog Multiculturalism in Steampunk has been a huge inspiration.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde
Steam-stress of the Airship Archon

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