Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ohayocon Prep 29 and an embroidery project

Catwoman is finished! Yesterday I basted the top of the bustle pouch closed and did a bit of hand sewing on the shirt (tacked down the zipper ends at the top, fixed a couple spots that escaped stitching the first time, etc). So it is DONE.

I was going to move buttons on the cuffs for my Middle Eastern outfit so that they'd be a little bit more loose, but decided yesterday that I didn't feel like going to the trouble.

So the next thing on my list is my IO uniform, which I may start sewing tonight if I get out of work early enough, or tomorrow at the latest. I pretty much only have this weekend to work on it. The SW themed party is next weekend, and I work three evenings next week at my part time job. Which I am NOT happy about but considering that I'm taking off five days for Ohayocon, I figured I should work them. Money is money after all. Whatever doesn't get done this weekend, I'll have to finish up either Tuesday or Friday evenings when I'm off. I'll probably be sewing snaps on while I'm at work next week.

Last night at the Captain's, Miss Dashwood and I both took projects to work on during the parlor concert. She worked on crocheting me a new pair of mitts (white ones! If they're finished on time, I'll be wearing them to Ohayocon with HQ) while I worked on an embroidery project that I've been working on for the last few years. For my birthday a couple years ago, my mother bought me enough squares to make an embroidered quilt. I'm about halfway done. Then comes assembling the quilt, adding the border and of course, the quilting which I will do by hand. Its this design from Fairway Needlecraft - How can I not love a southern belle design? There's even pillowcases that coordinate. I have this in my sewing bag today to work on while at work.

Updated Sewing To Do List OR What I'd like to accomplish in the next month
1. Sew ears onto Miss Dashwood's hat - DONE
2. Make Miss Dashwood's utility bustle after she obtains a belt - DONE
3. Finish my HQ mask - still need to do this, or I just go without the mask but I'd prefer to be masked (by Ohayocon)
4. Finish my steampunk Middle Eastern outfit - DONE
5. Make my Imperial Officer's uniform - cut out, ready for sewing (by the 22nd, or Ohayocon)
6. Kermit pj pants (asap)
7. Wrap around skirt (asap)
8. Pencil skirt with ruffle (asap)
9. Blue and white skirt (asap)

I'd also like to work on my Quebec scrapbook. If I can figure out a way to bring it to work with me, that would be fabulous. I'll have to work on that.

And once all that's done, I have alterations to start on for several people in February. The Captain reminded me of it last night and I told him he was on my list.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

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