Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ohayocon Prep 26 - updated

I worked on Miss Dashwood's Catwoman hat yesterday. She tried on the aviator cap and we figured out where the cat ears needed to go, then I constructed the ears. They are buckram ear shapes that I then covered in the black twill we purchased for the outfit. I need to stitch the two pieces together, then stitch them to the hat. I should have done it today, but didn't really feel like sewing honestly. I'll try to get it done tomorrow. EDIT I just sewed the ears together and pinned them to the hat. I'm holding off on sewing them down until I get Miss Dashwood's approval however. I'd rather wait than have to resew!

I made progress on my Middle Eastern steampunk outfit -- I came home last night and made the pants. I used left over material from my brother's Christmas pajama pants. I laid out my normal pajama pant pattern and decided to cut it as one piece instead of two (basically just laid the pieces with the side seams next to each other). I had to piece the back of the leg because the fabric was just a touch too short, but I doubt it'll be noticeable. I also cut the pants extra long for blouse-ing ability. I sewed the crotch seam then the center seam, put elastic in the waist and ankles and the pants were DONE.

So I try on the outfit. With the scarf just draped on my head, I look like a gypsy. So I wrap it similar to a hijab and while its better, Miss Dashwood says that people will likely just think that I am Muslim and not realize what I'm trying to do. So we tried to come up with ways to make it more steampunk. I consulted the internet and now I'm thinking of -- (1) adding something to the vest, maybe appliques so it looks more Turkish (2) adding my black and silver waist cincher and my black utility belt (3) doing a turban or a hat instead of a head scarf and (4) using the second pink scarf in the bustle. Any opinions?

And a little Civil War steampunk update -- my daddy's going to let me borrow some of his Civil War books on the uniforms. I am quite pleased.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J. Wilde

PS I have decided to leave the Pin Up Skirt as is and not trim it with lace. I pinned some on and it did not thrill me. So that's one project DONE. :)

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