Sunday, January 16, 2011

Update on my Imperial Officers Uniform

The jacket is mostly finished and passed my beau's inspection. You've all seen the basic pattern, military style jacket with a front overlap.

Changes I made
1. Length. The original pattern gives a waist length (too short) and a knee length (too long) so I held the pattern up to myself and cut it off at about hip length.
2. Code cylinder pockets. This was pretty easy. I just cut the side front pieces about halfway down the armhole, separated them by about 7 inches and cut out the pieces. Then I folded the piece so it was back to the original size, but now with pockets. Stitched the pockets together and down so the piece functioned as one and moved on.
3. Front. I cut the center front on the fold because the original only went to the shoulder on one side and I needed it to go to the shoulder on both sides. I also cut three of them out -- the left, the right and the facing.
4. Overlap. The original laps right over left, the standard in female garments. But the IO uniform laps left over right (the masculine standard), so my uniform had to lap left over right.

What I have left to do
1. Stitch the facings in place
2. Hem the jacket and the sleeves
3. Sew in hooks and eyes on the collar to hold it closed
4. Sew in snaps to hold the right and left fronts in place

I should be able to finish it this week. I can do hand sewing (which most of this will be) while at work if I don't have any actual work to do and I have Tuesday evening and Friday evening free to work on it. I do not foresee any reason that this will not be done by Saturday.

Also, a word to the wise, Burda pattern instructions make little to no sense. One of my fellow Archonites also experienced this issue on another Burda pattern so I know its not just me. I honestly ceased to follow them when I could not decipher what they were telling me to do. By now, I know enough that I don't really need the instructions anyways. However, understandable instructions are always nice to turn to if you have issues.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

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