Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ohayocon Prep 27 and a Preview of Normal Clothes Sewing

Progress on Catwoman

Miss Dashwood tried on her aviator hat and declared it acceptable. The hat is in my sewing basket to be worked on Monday while I am at work.

This evening, I had her put on her turtleneck so I could pin the zipper to it. Then I cut the turtleneck along the zipper, took the zipper off, turned the edges back and repinned the zipper into place. I stitched it but had issues with the actual turtleneck portion -- since its a knit, it kept shifting so the edges didn't align on each side of the zipper. I took the stitching out once (just along the neck and a little below) and restitched it. It's better, but still not perfect. I'm going to have her take a look at it tomorrow to see what she thinks. After all, the seamstress frequently notices mistakes in her own work that no one else will see unless they are pointed out to them.

Miss Dashwood has not been able to secure a belt as of this moment, so I have been unable to work on her utility bustle.

Normal Sewing Preview

Also in my sewing basket are the first two normal clothing items I'd like to complete for myself -- the Kermit pajama pants and the corduroy wrap around skirt. I may find time to cut them out tomorrow while visiting my beau and perhaps even begin the sewing. After all, the pajama pants will be terribly easy to complete.

In other news...

My beau has once more expressed interest in dressing as the Joker for our Steampunk Rogue's Gallery. So I suppose it is quite the good thing that I finished his coat. Although I am sure that he will insist on buttons and be quite put out at the lack of interior pockets, which may lead to me having to re-do the lining. C'est la vie.

With the change in the status of the Joker, this also means that I am once more responsible for making myself an Imperial Officer uniform. It is not that I am opposed to the idea, I just do not feel like I have adequate time to complete the uniform as it should be (the party it is for is on the 22, so in two weeks). Actually, I don't know if I have the desire to complete it to Legion standards. Although there's no rule saying that I can't have a Star Wars costume that is not acceptable to their costuming organizations. So I may just do my best -- whether I do it now or later -- and not worry overly much about the specifications.

Fingers crossed that everything gets finished for the event it needs to be done for.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J. Wilde
Steam-stress of the Airship Archon

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