Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dragon Con Costuming Plans

Yes, I'm already starting to plan. I have two costumes I'm planning to make before Dragon*Con this September.

1 -- Simi from Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunters series. Her outfit in Infinity is: black hair streaked with red in pigtails, red eyes and black eyeliner, studded leather choker and matching corset, bright red lips and fingernails, really short black and red skirt, purple leggings, red Doc Martens. The Simi doll: plaid miniskirt and bustier with mesh overlay, Long gloves and cuff bracelets, Red and black leggings and heeled knee-high boots, Removable wings, Black hair with red streak and horns, A coordinating coffin purse that opens and closes, Simi's iconic accessories: Black AMEX – Simi loves to shop! and BBQ sauce – it makes anything taste good. She also does purple and black combos. I'm basically thinking goth girl with horns and wings. Probably mostly with things I already have, but we'll see.

2 -- Since Shatner and Nimoy are going to be there, I'd really like to do a Star Trek costume. Probably one from the new movie. In blue because its my best color. As well as Spock's department.

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