Monday, January 10, 2011

Update on Sewing Projects

Well it looks like my normal clothes will have to be set aside for the time being in favor of the Imperial Officer uniform. If I do the skirt and the jacket, I don't think it'll be too difficult. I should be able to have it completed by the 22nd. I'll just be very busy that day -- Miss Dashwood's birthday celebration then the SW party!

I procured the hat from my beau this morning and took it straight to the fabric store to match the fabric. Unfortunately, the fabric is target, not a very forgiving fabric. Its rather stiff, I'm hoping that pre-washing will help, otherwise the uniform won't be very comfortable to wear. I preferred the weight and feel of suiting, but although it was similar, target was a much better match. I purchased six yards, which will hopefully be enough for the jacket, skirt and pants. Pants are more accurate but a skirt is more my style. And since I am not planning to join the 501st, I'll probably wear the skirt more often than not. The pants will just be an option for more formal events (if I ever do any). The skirt will probably get made first, as it'll be the easy part -- its just a basic pencil skirt. The jacket will need to be converted from a right over left to a left over right overlap, and I need to add code cylinder pockets which will mean lengthening the side front pieces. Fingers crossed that it all goes well!

Updated Sewing To Do List - aka What I'd like to accomplish in the next month
1. Sew ears onto Miss Dashwood's hat (in my basket)
2. Make Miss Dashwood's utility bustle after she obtains a belt
3. Finish my HQ mask
4. Finish my steampunk Middle Eastern outfit
5. Make my Imperial Officer's uniform
6. Kermit pj pants
7. Wrap around skirt
8. Pencil skirt with ruffle
9. Blue and white skirt

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