Monday, January 10, 2011

Ohayocon Prep 28

First of all, IO uniform fabric is pre washed, dried and at my apartment for when I get a chance to work on it.

Secondly, Miss Dashwood obtained a belt today so I was able to start on her utility bustle. The idea is that the bustle and the pockets attach to the belt with loops. I worked on the bustle this evening - cut out three flattened half circles for the ruffles, and two half circles for the backing (it will eventually be a pocket) and a band for the loop that holds the bustle onto the belt. I narrow hemmed each ruffle and started gathering and attaching them to the first half circle. While attaching the first one, I realized that I had made the ruffles too long. So I finished attaching the first ruffle, then attached another. At this point, I visiting Miss Dashwood's chamber and asked what she would think if I made the top ruffle shorter. She agreed that this was a good plan and I shortened the last ruffle before attaching it. I took the bustle to Miss Dashwood for her approval and upon obtaining it, finished off the top edge, using the piece I had removed from the last ruffle as the binding. Earlier, I had sewn the loop -- finished the edges and sewn it together into a long tube. Now I attempted to attach it to the second half circle, but ran out of bobbin thread. I took it as a sign to stop sewing and retired to my chamber. Also, Miss Dashwood tried on her turtleneck and approved. It just needs some hand sewing. And I sewed one ear to her aviator hat during work today.

This evening I also worked on my Middle Eastern outfit, which is now going to be called an Ottoman outfit. Miss Dashwood told me I looked Turkish. Top to bottom, I will be wearing -- a turban using one of the pink and silver scarves, a white blouse, a short black vest, my black and silver waist cincher and matching cuffs, a bustle made out of a brown scarf and the second pink and silver one, the bustle is partially held up with black and silver skirt lifters, metal and brown leather belt with keys and a knife attached, black harem / Turkish trousers and black lace up boots. I'm not sure which boots I'll be wearing yet, but I know I will not be wearing the brown flats. I wanted to try my black utility belt, but mislaid it during the trying on process. I have since found it, but alas, I found it long after I had taken the costume off. All in all, Miss Dashwood and I agree that I managed to look both Ottoman and steampunk. Mission accomplished.

In my basket for tomorrow -- Miss Dashwood's turtleneck and hat and my cuffs (they fit a bit too snug).

Not a bad evening of work.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

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