Friday, January 21, 2011

Update on Imperial Officer and Last Minute Ohayocon Prep

Imperial Officer

What I've done -- I stitched the collar and facing into place by hand. I also finished some edges by hand. I purchased snap tape and used that along the overlap -- hand stitched on the top overlap and machine stitched on the underneath since it won't show. I hand stitched a couple snaps on the underneath so it fastens to the shoulder. I hemmed the jacket and the sleeves by machine. At some point, I'll need to redo the hem as the overlap ended up a little longer than the underneath, but I'm not worrying about that at this moment in time.

What I have left to do -- I need to stitch a snap to the overlap shoulder to hold it in place better. I also need to stitch a modesty panel on the collar. Somehow the collar ended up too short and I don't feel like re-doing it at this moment in time, so I'm just going to fix the issue with a modesty panel, stitched on one side, likely snapped on the other. I may also stitch a snap or hook to the underneath overlap to hold it to the side seam.

Almost there.

EDIT My Imperial Officer is as done as its gonna be for the moment. So - Imperial Officer DONE

As for Ohayocon...

I think I've figured out my costumes. I still feel like I'm taking too many and may leave one at home, but I don't know. There are only so many hours in the day after all, and really what's the point of wearing a costume for only a couple hours before I have to change for a competition or a photoshoot? Part of me is tempted to leave Time Traveler behind, just based on the volume the dress takes up...but its one of my favorites and its so pretty. And much more likely to garner a response than the Airship Stewardess. One decision I did make was to wear Lady of the Ottoman Empire on Sunday -- its persona heavy and comfortable, so just what I need for that day.

Okay, now for what I need to do.
1. I still haven't finished my Harley Quinn mask so I really need to do that. I would really like to have the Victorian style mask and not just the one I wear with the comic Harley Quinn.
2. A task for my beau - replacing bands on a pair of gloves.
3. I'd like to add some cream lace to my Airship Stewardess, at least at the polonaise cuffs and probably on the pettidress as well. This will likely be my handsewing task for next week while at work.
4. My black petticoat needs a waistband. I've been wearing it and just safety pinning it closed but that habit has torn it in a couple places so I really should add a waistband.

In other news, I still haven't started my sewing for me! I am quite sad about this. Hopefully I can get some of this done or at least started while finishing my last minute Ohayocon preparations. After all, its almost February, when I'm supposed to start commissions again! Maybe I can do a commission, sew something for me, do a commission, sew something for me...Might be the only way to keep everyone happy.

Today I would like to
1. Finish my Imperial Officer (kinda have to since its for tomorrow!)
2. Finish my HQ mask for Ohayocon. Need to wrap the handle with ribbon and attach it to the mask, so hopefully it shouldn't take long.
3. Cut out my Kermit pajama pants.

I think that's reasonable. EDIT All that got done was finishing my Imperial Officer. Seamstress fail.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

PS Just had a brilliant idea for Lady of the Ottoman Empire! I'm going to pin my sundial pin (birthday gift from my grandma) to it as decoration. It has definite steamy vibe to it, its silver so it matches and most importantly it's sparkly! Must remember to pack this!

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