Thursday, December 30, 2010

Year in Review and a Look Ahead at 2011

I did a lot of sewing this past year. I honestly probably don't even remember everything I've made, but I'll give it a try.

Sewing Projects -
1. Time Traveler outfit. This is a full bustled gown with an underkskirt, bustle and apron, bodice and jacket. Its done in pink satin and cotton printed with clocks and is trimmed in green ribbon, white lace, and ruffles I made from white and purple satin. Debuted at Marcon.
2. Two black petticoats. The first one is long, knee length or so and made to be worn with primarily 50s styles skirts and dresses. The second is extremely short and basically a tutu that's meant to be worn as an exterior garment.
3. Conductrix outfit for Miss Dashwood. Brown bustle worn over brown and white striped short bloomers. Debuted at Marcon.
4. Sewing commission for a company in town. It was for a competition they took part in. Snug knit dress and hoop skirt esque thing to be worn over it.
5. I worked on ANH Princess Leia for myself, but it kinda fell apart when I realized how badly I messed up the neckline. I may pull this back out to finish it, but I don't know.
6. I made matching pajama pants for Miss Dashwood and I out of the clockwork cotton fabric.
7. I made myself a tiered 'gypsy' skirt out of the left over clockwork fabric.
8. A red and black kilt for my beau. I used a homespun cotton underlined with black denim to give it weight. I recently redid the hem because it did not have enough weight to hang properly.
9. A black and silver striped bodice and plaid sleeveless jacket meant to be worn with my black and silver plaid bustled gown. I only actually wore the bodice once and that was to a picnic over the summer.
10. Queen Gorgo costume from 300. Its called the 'farewell dress'. Basically its just a few yards of white muslin that wrap around me. Not too much actual sewing was involved.
11. A reversible dress for Miss Van Eycke that she wore at the Broken Hearts Masquerade in February.
12. Spats for the Captain.
13. Green embroidered cotton skirt for myself.
14. Steampunk Power Puff girls blouses, skirts and vests for the Misses Dashwood and Van Eycke.
15. Retro Butterick dress for myself, called the 'walkaway dress', in bright green broadcloth and purple flowered calico.
16. Steampunk Durga costume for Miss Dashwood.
17. Aprons for my parents for Christmas.
18. Pajama pants for my brother and sister in law for Christmas.
19. Finally made a hat for my comic book Harley Quinn costume.
20. Steampunk Tinkerbell costume that I wore for Halloween. Made a bustle skirt, blouse, underbust corset, spats and mini bloomers.
21. New RFT shirt for my beau, this was modification not sewing from scratch.
22. New Shipwreck shirt and pants for my beau - shortened the sleeves on an existing shirt and sewed on patches, hemmed the pants.
23. Steampunk Harley Quinn for myself.
24. Started a quilt for my beau.
25. Several alterations - mended a vest for the Captain, took in a skirt and a dress for Miss Dashwood, took in a football jersey for a friend, hemmed two pairs of pants for another friend, took in a dress for Miss Stoup, modified a bustle for Miss Dashwood, and several small mending projects for my beau and myself.

Wow, I did a lot over the last year didn't I? I also attended three conventions - Ohayocon, Marcon and Mid Ohio Con, and went to a few other costuming events with my beau, only one of which I dressed up for.

Plans for 2011
1. Finishing Steampunk Joker for my beau
2. Steampunk Catwoman for Miss Dashwood
3. Maybe a commission for one of my beau's friends for a Bill the Butcher costume
4. I'd like to finally get ANH Princess Leia finished
5. Imperial Officers uniform for myself
6. Maybe Mara Jade for myself
7. A commission for another friend. Should be interesting, I've never made women's clothing for a man before.
8. Some alterations for the Captain.
9. Steampunk Confederates for Marcon.
10. Simi costume for DragonCon
11. A normal skirt for myself.

Conventions I plan to attend in 2011 -- Ohayocon, Marcon, DragonCon, and probably Mid Ohio Con.

It looks like 2011 is going to be a busy year, doesn't it my dearest readers?

A bientot

Miss Leah J Wilde
Steam-stress of the Airship Archon

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