Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas and Ohayocon Prep 12

No, I still haven't sewn the pajama pants for my beloved 'twin' (note we are not really twins, but we look and act like it, so I usually call him that). I was going to do it last night, but unforeseen circumstances interfered and said sewing did not occur.

However, I did finish my corset while at work yesterday. The zipper has been properly stitched in and the basting removed. And the red ribbon trim has been tacked on.

Jillian saw some pieces yesterday and appropriately "squee-d" over them, which made me ever so pleased.

And now for an updated to do list (have you noticed that I really really like lists yet?)

1. Parents' aprons - DONE!
2. Stacey's pajama pants - DONE at least til she can try them on
3. Cliff's pajama pants - fabric purchased, washed and cut out, needs sewn

Harley Quinn
1. Petticoat - DONE!
2. Bustle - just need to sew on hooks and eyes and the roman shade tape that allows it to 'bustle'
3. Corset - DONE!
4. Underskirt - DONE!
5. Jacket - all the pieces are cut out, just need to start construction once the above tiny bits are finished
6. Top Hat

1. Steampunk Joker for my beau - vest, jacket and pants, maybe a tie. I have fabric for the jacket, lining and vest so I just need to get something for the pants. And patterns for the jacket and pants, have not yet decided how to do the vest yet. I plan to make a muslin of the jacket first so I can properly fit it. And I'm already forseeing some pattern changes so a muslin is definitely necessary.
2. Steampunk Catwoman for Miss Dashwood - bustle, utility belt and shirt
3. Helping with Poison Ivy and Mr Freeze - whatever they need

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