Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ohayocon Prep 17

My dearest readers,

With Harley Quinn done (except for a couple small things that I don't have the supplies to finish at this moment), and me unable to start on either Joker or Catwoman because of a lack of measurements or a lack of supplies, I find myself quite bored. I am apparently too used to always having something to do after working on HQ every chance I had free for the last month or so.

Miss Von Stoup and I had arranged for her to come over last evening for me to show her how to size up her patterns and cut them out. Unfortunately, the same evening that I burned my arm (which is doing very well, thanks for asking), she sliced her thumb open and her husband was forced to take her to the doctor. Obviously, she was unable to pin and cut with such an injury. Knowing that I would be left without entertainment for the evening (unless I dared to quilt again and face that dastardly iron), I offered to cut out the patterns myself. With her watching to learn my method of course.

So I spent last evening with Miss Von Stoup and Dr. Chronus (he joined us after work), cutting out their patterns. I managed to get her dress cut out (but not the sleeves as they'll be a different fabric) and his jumpsuit.

They were very grateful for my aid and I was likewise thankful for them giving me something to do. I also feel better knowing that their costumes have been started. The first step is cutting them out after all! Now all Miss Von Stoup needs to do is get to sewing!

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

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