Friday, July 1, 2011

DragonCon Progress and Weekend To Do List

Well, I've been spending most of the past couple weeks working on my mystery costume because I left my thread at my beau's home across town and wasn't able to obtain it. So the bad news is I haven't touched Miss Von Stoup's Confederate jacket. The good news is, I made a lot of progress on the mystery costume.

As you already know, the corset is done. The skirt is mostly done - I gathered layer 3's ruffle and hand basted it before stitching it in place. Then I basted layers 2 and 3 together along the waist. Layer 1 is going to be a separate skirt because it is not washable and everything else is.

I also worked on the top. I've been looking at patterns, contemplating blouse versus peasant when I remembered that I have several peasant blouse patterns. So I pulled out one that has a collar as well so I could get that pattern piece for the jacket. The top is mostly finished. Tonight I cut it out, and almost finished putting it together. It just needs a touch more work.

Weekend To Do List

  • Miss Von Stoup's Confederate jacket. This is definitely first on my list. I need to get it to a fitting stage so we can get together next weekend and try on our uniforms.
  • Finish mystery costume skirt. I need to buy the fabric for layer 4, put it together, then sew the back seam and insert a zipper.
  • Finish mystery costume top. I need to make the waist elastic casing, put in the elastic and then hem it. I may trim it in lace, but I haven't decided yet.
  • Hopefully I'll be going shopping with Prof. Watt for Scarlet Spider fabric this weekend.
  • I may see about fixing my beau's kilt.
  • And if I get a chance, work on my Ottoman vest.
  • As well as working on tying the beau's quilt
  • I'd also like to go shopping for Cover Girl items.

We are swiftly approaching the 60 days to Dragon*Con mark.


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