Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25th DragonCon To Do List Progress (updated 7/29)

1. Confederate jacket - Cuff have been attached: machine stitched the underneath to the sleeve then folded and handstitched the top over the trimmed raw edges. I started sewing on the snaps. The buttons will wait til more trim has been added which will wait until Miss Von Stoup purchases more.

2. Scarlet Spider. -- DONE!! Suit was taken in, trimmed and the zipper stitched in place. Mask was restitched completely and the eye pieces sewn on by hand (which for future reference was definitely not fun). So happy to be done with it!

3. Finished the Mystery jacket!! Now I just need to work on the accessories...

4. Ottoman vest embroidery. -- I finished all the spirals on the top / front section and started the pink outlines. Next up is more couching of the metallic threads in lines to finish filling in the space. I had a stroke of brilliance last night: I'm going to undo the outline around the bottom and forgo the bottom border for now. I'm pretty sure I can finish the top / front border and I will have to be happy with that. I've been forcing myself to work on it pretty much every day so I feel like I just might finish it...

5. Didn't touch the Persian pants but I did cut out a pair of sleep shorts! The orange / purple fabric didn't have enough to do them, but I had yards of the Halloween pin up girl fabric so I went to town. I laid out my pattern pieces to get at least one full pin up per piece. (Its a large pattern so this was not easy).

As for Miss Von Stoup: Her Confederate skirts are coming along nicely. We fitted the jacket and decided to hem it at its current length (mine what cropped several inches) and we also decided on the sleeve length. Now at least I feel like I can work on that for a bit. She purchased the jacket pattern for her post apoc outfit so I can work on that as well and she's also started the hoops that will go under the skirts I'm making her. So at least there is progress.

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