Tuesday, July 5, 2011

DragonCon To Do List - Week of July 4th

With DragonCon less than 60 days away, its time to start weekly to do lists again!

This week I would like to:

1. Meet with Miss Von Stoup to fit our jackets and figure out jacket and sleeve length.

2. Finish the jackets and get them to the handsewing point - both need hemmed, the sleeves need hemmed / shortened / have cuffs added, Miss Von Stoup's needs the sleeves stitched (they're just basted at the moment) and the topsitching done.

3. Finish my mystery costume skirt - the bottom tier needs basted together and hemmed, then all the layers need put together, the seam stitched, the zipper inserted and the waistband added. The top tier will actually be a separate skirt, probably with just a waistband and a couple hooks and eyes to close it. The reasoning behind this is that the rest of the skirt is washable, the top layer is not, so a separate skirt makes the most sense.

4. If there's time, work on my vest embroidery, my beau's quilt, and perhaps start the jacket for the mystery costume.

5. At least arrange a time to fabric shop for the Scarlet Spider if not do the shopping.

Long term DragonCon to do list:


1. Confederate Vivandiere uniforms.

2. Scarlet Spider.

3. My mystery costume. - The top and corset are finished. I need to finish the skirt, then work on the jacket. Everything after that is all accessories - decorating the hat, ribbons for my mitts, maybe making straps / spats for my boots.

4. Post apocalyptic costume. - We have a plan for this already in place.

5. Ottoman vest and bustle improvements.

6. Pockets / pouch for my beau's kilt.


7. Pants for the Persian costume.

8. Steampunk Rosetta.

9. Time Machine purse.

10. Diamonds for HQ bodysuit.

11. Cover Girl from GI Joe.

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