Sunday, July 24, 2011

In My Sewing Basket for Sewing Day

I'm sure I won't finish everything, but here's what I packed for sewing day at a friend's:

1. My Confederate jacket. -- Today: Shortened cuffs and pinned them on.
2. My mystery costume jacket. -- Today: Slipstitched the collar into place and pinned the armholes for hand stitching.
3. My Ottoman vest. -- Today: Worked on embroidery. Almost done with the front / top set of spirals. Next is pink then more couching down of the metallic thread. Then there's the bottom...

I didn't get to the rest:
4. Pattern and materials for making a pouch for the beau's kilt.
5. Fabric to cut out Miss Von Stoup's post apoc outfit. But she's changed what kind of jacket she wants so this probably won't happen today.
6. Fabric and a pattern to cut out a couple sleep shorts.
7. Fabric for Persian pants.

Along with various threads, needles, scissors, etc.

Here's hoping I get a lot done!

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