Monday, July 11, 2011

A little weekend DragonCon progress...and Ba-Con

I basted together the muslin of my mystery costume jacket and tried it on. The collar doesn't work, so I cut it down and still didn't like it. It's definitely going to need more work.

Last night I worked on Scarlet Spider! I took apart the Spiderman mask given to me by Prof. Watt and used it as a pattern to cut into the 4 yards of red spandex we purchased last week. Then I set to enlarging and lengthening the pattern I used several years ago when I made my comic book Harley Quinn costume. I estimated how much larger an extra large would be compared to an extra small and lengthened both the sleeves and the body to allow for Prof. Watt's height. The lengthening was accomplished by slashing the pattern pieces along the "shorten / lengthen here" lines and moving the pieces several inches apart. I'm hoping to baste the costume together this week and have a fitting, wherein the costume will be taken in to the appropriate snugness. When enlarging patterns, I always aim for having the result too large so I can take it in to fit.

In other news, Ba-Con was okay. I actually might have been happier just staying home for the weekend instead of going, but I did have a decent time. The highlight was spending a lot of time with my friend that paid for my badge. But since it was the first convention, you expect issues. I definitely think the programming needs some work -- too few panels and they weren't on particularly interesting topics, at least for me. However there was a horror makeup panel that was fascinating, even if its not exactly something I'm interested in because I could see adapting the techniques for other things. Like Joker scars. I wore Victorian pajamas on Friday (cream chemise and bloomers with my new corset turned black side out and granny boots), tried my hand at dieselpunk on Saturday (new corset pink side out with a black tank top and pencil skirt, strappy sandals, my black straw hat w pink hat band and a long pearl necklace with an old key my beau gifted me with on it as a charm) and yesterday I wore my friend's old Slave Leia bikini.

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