Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 11th DragonCon To Do List Progress II

I haven't had the chance to work on Scarlet Spider again yet, but I have worked on my vest embroidery some while at work.

Miss Von Stoup came over this evening. Her uniform needs some drastic changes -- the gathered waist, mid 19th century skirt does not flatter her form at all. She suggested using the fabric to make a bustle instead, and then making a gold underskirt to match the gold braid and buttons we plan to purchase. So this evening, we completed the deconstruction of her skirt that she began earlier today and cut out the new bustle -- apron front and back, train and one poof, as that was all we had fabric for.

Our current concept is that she's a higher rank than I am so her uniform is more elaborate. Or perhaps she can be in 'dress' uniform whereas I am attired in the duty uniform...

We did solve the sleeve issue. We're going to take the sleeves to a three quarter length (a little deference to the Atlanta heat) and add cuffs so that we have a place for the braid.

And we're going to have a sewing day this Saturday as both of our beaus will be busy -- They're going shooting. Such a manly leisure activity, don't you agree? I believe the Captain will be joining them as well.

Miss Von Stoup also gave me a couple ideas for my mystery costume, for which I am rather grateful.

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