Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 4th DragonCon To Do List Progress


1. I have arranged to meet with Miss Von Stoup tomorrow to fit our jackets and figure out jacket and sleeve length. I may have also discovered a solution to the sleeve issue in a pattern from my stash...

2. I have worked on my mystery costume skirt, in fact its almost finished. The bottom tier has been hemmed. In fact the lining was hemmed twice as it was too long the first time. All the layers were basted together and then the back seam stitched together, leaving room for the zipper and the lining was stitched separately to allow for it to cover the zipper on the inside. I also cut out the waistband. So all I need to do for the main skirt is put the zipper in, attach the waistband and sew on hook closures. The top layer needs the seam done, the waistband put on and a closure attached. I may just do a ribbon waistband that ties, might be easiest.

3. I've been contemplating the mystery costume's jacket. In fact, I may just do a separate post containing inspiration photos and pattern ideas. I'll try to post that tomorrow.

4. And I've arrange a time to fabric shop for the Scarlet Spider. It is tomorrow actually. Miss Von Stoup is going to accompany us and then she and I shall work on our costumes at the Shuttle.

I'm feeling rather on top it. I do however need to work on that Ottoman vest embroidery...that really needs finished...

And me being me, I'm already thinking ahead. There's a comic convention here in October. I'm wondering if I'll have time after DragonCon to make myself a new comic costume. I'd love to do a Rogue...

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