Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Current DragonCon To Do List - End of July

With about a month to go, my current DragonCon to do list:


1. Confederate Vivandiere uniforms. -- My skirt is done. My jacket is almost there: just needs 'buttons' and more braid. Miss Von Stoup's skirts are almost done, and her jacket has been fitted. Next up is hemming it and doing the cuffs. I also need to sew in the currently basted sleeves. She's going to be handling the sewing of the snaps and braid.

2. My mystery costume. -- Everything is done except for the accessories: decorating the hat, getting some ribbons for my mitts and maybe making spats or straps for the boots. I still need to try Miss Von Stoup's petticoat idea...

3. Post apocalyptic costume for Miss Von Stoup. -- I have the jacket pattern, so I'll start on that when I get the time. And then the skirts once the hoops are done.

4. Ottoman vest and bustle improvements. -- I'm still slowly but surely making progress on the vest embroidery. As for the bustle, I'm going to work on it once I have my dressmaker's dummy here with me (I found room for it). It's probably going to get stitched into place.


5. Pants for the Persian costume. -- I bought the fabric and I have the tutorial, just need to sit down and do it. Should only take an evening.

6. Time Traveler hat band. -- I have the base materials, just need the watches from my mom to add to it.

7. Sleep shorts. -- I cut out a pair of shortened pajama pants this week out of the pin up girls fabric and started putting them together. All that's left is the hemming, which means deciding how long I want them. Originally I was thinking pretty short but (1) the pajama pant pattern I used doesn't really allow for that and (2) neither does the size of the pattern on the fabric. Right now they are a little below knee length, I'm thinking of taking them to just above the knee.

8. Pretty sure I'm going to be making at least one new bodice for a current costume. They have
two balls scheduled that I want to attend: The Grand Pirate and Time Traveler Ball and the Masked Ball. I'm thinking Time Traveler for the former (duh) and Diamonds are Forever for the latter. Miss Dashwood thinks the latter is okay with its current bodice so I may just add fancy accessories. And I realized that I have an unused ruffle from my Time Traveler skirt that could easily be shortened and used to trim a bodice...Current plan is the same bodice pattern I originally used but out of pink satin and trimmed with an off the shoulder ruffle of purple satin, white lace and green ribbon. I may even have some more green ribbon I can use as well.

As you may have noticed, a few things have been removed from the list: (1) Steampunk Rosetta to be worn with my Steampunk Tinkerbell - we decided to cross these off our DragonCon list because of time (and suitcase) restraints. (2) Pouch for my beau's kilt - the current plan is for one of his friends to help him with it. (3) Scarlet Spider is DONE. (4) Time Machine purse - I decided this was unlikely to be completed and so removed it from my list.

UPDATE 8/1/2011 -- Since we're having a hard time finding a leather jacket this time of year, Cover Girl is getting nixed for the time being. Both the beau and I would rather do it right than do it quick.

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