Monday, August 1, 2011

DragonCon To Do List - Week of August 1st

First up, a look at what I got done on last week's to do list:

1. Confederate jacket - Cuffs have been attached and snaps sewn on.

2. Scarlet Spider is DONE!

3. Mystery jacket - Lining was stitched in place at armholes, which means this jacket is also DONE!

4. I worked on the Ottoman vest embroidery. - All the spirals are done and most have been outlined in two lines of pink (I need more floss). I started the lines of couched metallic thread to fill in the open spaces.

5. I didn't start on the Persian pants (other than printing out the tutorial).

6. I did however cut out and put together a pair of sleep shorts. All that's left is the hem.

This week's to do list:

1. Get as much done on the Confederate jackets as possible. Mine: more braid then 'buttons'. Miss Von Stoup's: Hemmed. Sleeves permanently attached. Cuffs made and then either handed off to her for hand stitching of the braid or I do that myself. Then the cuffs need attached before more braid, snaps and 'buttons' are sewn on.

2. Decide on a length and hem the sleep shorts.

3. Cut out the jacket for the post apocalyptic outfit.

4. Work on the Ottoman embroidery vest.

5. Work on the Ottoman bustle. I have my dress form now and have already fastened the bustle on.

6. See about getting the accessories ready for the mystery costume, as well as trying it all on including a petticoat. I need to decide what hat I'm using first of all.

7. Cut out the Persian pants.

8. Start the Time Traveler hat band.

I know, it is a rather heavy list. But I have the weekend off, and several things are little and won't take much time.

Wish me luck!

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