Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Progress -- Aug 15th To Do List

It's time for your mid-week update on what Miss Wilde has been doing!!!

I've been working on my vest every day, even if only for a few minutes. I have the largest section in the back filled, the others are all pretty small and should fill quickly. UPDATE 8/19 -- The vest is halfway done!!

I fixed the inner leg seam and sewed on the closures, which means the Persian pants are DONE.

I went to a friend who happily took the bands off some of my watches. I came home, pulled out some ribbon and a needle and thread and went to town. I now have an almost completed Time Traveler hat band. I think it needs some lace... UPDATE 8/19 -- The hat is DONE.

The new kilt is almost done. I finished stitching the waistband and added a graphic to the front of the sporran (the beau's idea, not mine. I think it should have been left plain). I made belt loops and then had to re do them because they were too heavy (there was denim inside, bad idea). The new ones are cut and waiting to be sewn on. I plan to purchase clips and D rings this weekend to get that done. And two of the four closures have been sewn on. UPDATE 8/19 -- Closures are finished. Most of the belt loops have been sewn on. I left the two front ones unsewn on the bottom so I can put D rings there. All that's left is D rings and clips!

I'm planning to buy a black purse and decorate with one of the Star Wars patches my beau gave me. Or use it plain. But I need a new purse, one big enough to hold the flask he's giving me to use at DragonCon. UPDATE 8/19 -- Buying this tomorrow.

I think I'm going to pass on the ball gown bodice for the Time Traveler. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and need to cut something somewhere. That bodice seemed like the best thing, since its the least complete (the muslin's together, but not fitted). I'm also not making a skirt to match the new kilt. My mother made the point that women used to wear tartan over the shoulders as a drape, so I plan to just take the left over fabric and either do that or wear it as a sarong. So that's something else off my list.

In non sewing news, the 'to pack' pile keeps growing and I finished my food shopping today. I need to purchase a few more non food items, but at least the food itself is done. I've also started a separated by store shopping list as well as a to do list that includes everything, not just sewing.
UPDATE 8/19 -- I started actually packing instead of just throwing things in my bag or on top of it. I also made trail mix tonight!

In two weeks, I'll be grabbing a few hours of sleep before we get up REALLY early to start the drive south. I'm excited and nervous. Actually I sorta feel like I always do before I fly to Europe...A combination of excitement, nerves, nausea, worry, anticipation, etc. etc. etc.
UPDATE 8/19 -- In two weeks I will have survived my first full day of Dragon Con!

Well, I'm off to bed now, my dearests!

Bonne nuit!

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