Thursday, August 11, 2011

Updated DragonCon To Do List UPDATED 8/16/2011

With less than three weeks to go, my current DragonCon to do list:


1. Confederate Vivandiere uniforms. -- Mine is DONE. Miss Von Stoup's is coming along and the rest of the work is in her hands, not mine.

2. My mystery costume is DONE.

3. Post apocalyptic costume for Miss Von Stoup. -- Jacket is DONE, skirts are waiting til she finishes the hoop skirt.

4. Ottoman vest and bustle improvements. -- Bustle is DONE and I'm still working on the vest.


5. Pants for the Persian costume. -- These are almost done.

6. Time Traveler hat band. -- The band itself has been made. Just trying to figure out the embellishments.

7. Sleep shorts are DONE.

8. Time Traveler ballgown bodice -- Muslin has been cut out and put together

9. Kilts for my beau -- Put a pocket in the red and black plaid one I made last year. Started a new one along with a sporran.

10. And he needs a new vest for his RFT costume. He needs to quit adding to my list!!

11. Star Wars skirt to match the beau's new kilt.

And of course packing. That's definitely on the to do list. Along with shopping for a few things (food, makeup, hair dye, etc).

17 days!

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