Thursday, August 4, 2011

What I've Been Up to this Week or DragonCon Progress, 8/1 to do list

I finished Miss Von Stoup's Confederate jacket (hemmed, topstitched, attached the cuffs, etc). I dropped it off to her at her abode for her to finish the hand sewing portion and picked up a few yards of braid to use on my jacket.

I also hemmed the sleep shorts.

I cut out the jacket for Miss Von Stoup's post apocalyptic outfit. Best part about doing a deconstructed, post apocalyptic costume? I don't have to be careful with my cutting or my sewing.

I managed to work a little on the embroidery, and started preliminary work on the bustle. It's currently on my dress form with skirt lifters in place.

I tried on the mystery costume skirt with a petticoat, and liked it but it didn't have the desired result of making the lining more noticeable. Oh well. I've decided to go with my black straw hat because my pink one was not a close enough match to the pink in the outfit. I started the redecorating process - stripped off the old decorations and started a new hat band.

I haven't touched the Persian pants.

I started work on the Time Traveler hat band and confirmed that the pink hat will work with the costume for the parade, as planned. I also pulled out pink satin for the ballgown bodice and I'm pretty sure it will work as well.

Checking that the pinks match.

With the ruffle.

Packing news: I've started gathering things that I want to take to DragonCon, such as accessories and jewelry. I've also been working on purchasing food and taking care of a couple other little things, like having my check direct deposited.

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