Thursday, August 11, 2011

Progress on August 8th DragonCon To Do List

Thursday seems like a good day for an update on what I've been up to this week, don't you think? Especially since it is officially three weeks til DragonCon. Although if you're a regular reader, you already know a little of what I've been doing.

First up, Miss Von Stoup's post apocalyptic costume. Her hoops are coming along and I had her try on the jacket yesterday. The only change she requested was that it be hemmed (which wasn't the original plan), so after she left I pinned up the hem and I plan to sew it tonight. UPDATE The jacket was hemmed on Friday.

I've been working on the embroidered vest pretty much daily, even if only for a few minutes. It's coming along, but it takes time.

The Ottoman bustle is ready. I pinned it and stitched it down in a couple places Monday night, then let it hang on the dressmaker's form to make sure it would hold. Yesterday I tried it on and liked the drape so it has been added to my 'to pack' pile.

The Persian pants are in process. I found a pale pink satin in my stash that matches the vest almost perfectly. Yesterday, I cut the cuffs and waistband and started pleating the cuffs and waist down to fit. However the pants are much too long so I'm going to have to cut a lot off the legs and maybe alter the leg seam. I'm also thinking of using a little elastic in the cuffs so they'll be easier to put on. I had to rip out part of the back seam so that I could get the pants on. The waistband has been sewn on but needs turned and stitched down to cover the raw edges. Then come the closures.

I also worked on the Time Traveler hat band yesterday. The band is too small, so that may need remedied, perhaps with some ribbon. The feather looks good, but I wouldn't mind more if I can find ones I like at a decent price. The watches are giving me issues though, may need to go to plan B which involves spending money. Or just toss out that idea and just go with feathers and the white band otherwise unadorned. Or just bedeck it in ribbon and trim, I have enough of it.

I haven't started work on the Time Traveler ballgown bodice, but I did pull out some muslin to use. I briefly contemplating attempting a new corseted bodice that I've been wanting to make, but I'd have to make too many alterations for it to be worn with a bustle so I think I'm going to stick to the original plan.

My beau's red and black kilt now has a back pocket. It's welted, which is my standard. Let me just say, putting a welted pocket into a pleated kilt and having to stitch and slash through I don't know how many layers of cotton and denim, was NOT pleasant. But it's DONE.

I also started his new kilt. We decided to go with a sporran instead the pocket route. I plan to make one out of heavy black fabric with clips that that fasten onto D rings on the kilt. I cut out the kilt yesterday. It needs sewn together and part of it needs hemmed. I also cut out what I think will become the sporran. I'm planning two pockets, one for his wallet and one for his phone.
UPDATE Friday: The sporran's done except for the clips, which I need to buy. And the kilt is as far as I can go without the denim, which is at a friend's house.

So there's where I stand on DragonCon preparations! I'll be in Atlanta in THREE WEEKS. I'm sure it goes without saying that I'm a little bit panicked.

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