Sunday, August 21, 2011

DragonCon To Do List -- Week of August 22nd (this is probably the last one!)

Last week's progress:

1. Post apocalyptic skirts -- Nothing.

2. Ottoman vest -- It's approaching being finished! It's a more than halfway done right now! I just need to finish the left side of the front!

3. Persian pants -- DONE

4. Time Traveler hat -- DONE

5. Time Traveler ballgown bodice -- Canceled.

6. Kilt -- Almost done. I need to make bigger belt loops for the front that will fit the D rings we bought and sew them and the D rings on and it'll be finished. The clips have been sewn onto the sporran. As for the matching skirt, I'm just going to wear a drape of the left over fabric over my shoulder.

7. RFT vest -- Canceled (probably)

I'm almost there!

And it wasn't on my list, but I also sewed a patch onto a new plain black purse for use at DragonCon.

Last minute to do list before DragonCon:

1. Finish Miss Von Stoup's post apocalyptic costume. We've planned for her to come over this evening to work on the skirts.

2. Finish the left side of the front of my Ottoman vest, then go back in and add more pink. I may even add some pink ribbon if I can but it's not that important if it doesn't happen.

3. Finish the new kilt. Make wider belt loops for the front, sew them on and attach the D rings.

Everything else that needs done is non-sewing stuff: packing, bleaching and dyeing my hair, some last minute shopping for makeup and toiletries, that kind of thing.

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