Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sewing Day Plans - August 10th

Miss Von Stoup will be over tomorrow evening for a little sewing bee. Looking at my to do list, I think my time will be best spent finishing up projects. So I plan to: (1) Have her try on the post apoc jacket. (2) Try on the Ottoman bustle to make sure I like it with the pants. (3) Finish the Persian pants. I'm sure this will take up the most time. (4) Maybe work on the embroidered vest. (5) If the hoops are done, work on Miss Von Stoup's post apoc skirts. (6) If everything else gets done, start the beau's new kilt and sporran.

By the way, I've found that the best way for me to make my way through my list is to set little goals for myself. Even on the days where I work two jobs. Like yesterday, my goal was to fix my Ottoman bustle (which I did) and at least start the pocket in the red and black kilt (which I also did). Tonight I came home after two jobs with the goal of finishing the pocket (which I did). I wish I could work on the embroidery more, but I'm working on it some every day and its quite tedious so I can only do so much at a time.

What I ended up doing: (1) Miss Von Stoup tried on, approved and requested that her jacket be hemmed. After she left, I pinned the hem. (2) I tried the Ottoman bustle and liked it so it has been added to the DragonCon packing pile. (3) I worked on the Persian pants, but they need more work including shortening the legs (they're much too long), handstitching the waistband down, redoing the cuffs and attaching closures. (4) I worked on the vest earlier today but not this evening. (5) The hoops aren't done, so I didn't work on Miss Von Stoup's post apoc skirts. (6) And I started the new kilt: cut out the fabric, pinned it for a seam and a hem. I also cut out what I believe will become the sporran.

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