Sunday, August 7, 2011

DragonCon To Do List - Week of August 8th

Progress on last week's to do list:

1. My Confederate vivandiere costume is DONE. And Miss Von Stoup's jacket is out of my hands and in hers for the finishing touches.

Working on the button placement...

2. Sleep shorts are DONE.

3. I cut out the post apoc jacket and started working on it, it is now ready for a fitting.

4. I worked on the Ottoman embroidery vest.

Current progress.

5. All I did on the Ottoman bustle was to put the skirt lifters on while its on the dressmaker's dummy.

6. I decorated the hat for my mystery costume and bought ribbon for the mitts. I also tried it on with the petticoat, which looked cute even if it didn't have the effect I had hoped for -- to make the skirt lining more visible.

Mystery costume hat.

7. I cut out the Persian pants and started putting them together.

8. And I started the Time Traveler hat band.

Aaaand, my beau added to my to do list -- he wants pockets in the black and red plaid kilt I made him last year and a new kilt for DragonCon.

This week's to do list:

1. Have a fitting and finish the post apoc jacket. It would be nice to start the skirts as well, but that depends on Miss Von Stoup.

2. Work on the embroidered vest (duh).

3. Get the Ottoman bustle ready. Should only take an evening.

4. Finish the Persian pants.

5. Finish the Time Traveler hat band.

6. Start work on the Time Traveler ballgown bodice. I'd at least like to get a muslin made and fitted this week.

7. Put at least one pocket in the red and black kilt for my beau. I'm planning welted pockets with the welts out of the plaid and the pocket itself out of black denim.

8. And start his new kilt. We're doing the same thing as last time -- cotton lined with denim to give it the necessary weight. I have the cotton but the denim is at a friend's house so I won't be able to do too much on it.

Again its a rather heavy list, but since so many of them are little projects I feel that it is sufficient and doable.

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