Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekend Sewing - August 5th To Do List

1. My Confederate jacket is DONE!

2. Started putting together the post apoc jacket. It's ready for a fitting.

3. The Ottoman vest -- I found the right side of pink floss and worked on both the pink and the silver embroidery.

4. My mystery costume hat is DONE!

5. The Persian pants have been cut out and I started putting them together -- crotch and inside leg seams have been sewn (no outside leg seam because of the way I cut them out). Next up is cuffs and the waistband.

6. The hat band for the Time Traveler hat has been covered.

7. I didn't cut out the ball gown bodice because I didn't have any material to use for the muslin.

I think I had a productive weekend, don't you?

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