Monday, July 11, 2011

DragonCon To Do List - Week of July 11th

First up, a quick review of progress on last week's list:

1. I was unable to meet with Miss Von Stoup to fit our jackets and figure out jacket and sleeve length.

2. And thus unable to finish the jackets and get them to the handsewing point.

3. I did finish my mystery costume skirt!

4. And also found time to work on my vest embroidery and start the jacket for the mystery costume.

5. Not only was a time arranged to shop for Scarlet Spider materials but we went shopping and I started working on the costume but cutting it out.

Now, for this week's to do list:

1. Meet with Miss Von Stoup.

2. Get our jackets to the handsewing point.

3. I'd like to have the Scarlet Spider basted together and ready for a fitting this weekend.

4. I'd also like to finish my mystery costume jacket.

5. As well as find a little time to work on my vest and the quilt.

Long term DragonCon to do list:


1. Confederate Vivandiere uniforms.

2. Scarlet Spider.

3. My mystery costume. - The top, corset and skirt are all finished. Next up is the jacket, then the accessories: decorating the hat, ribbons for my mitts, maybe making straps / spats for my boots.

4. Post apocalyptic costume for Miss Von Stoup.

5. Ottoman vest and bustle improvements.

6. Pockets / pouch for my beau's kilt.


7. Pants for the Persian costume.

8. Steampunk Rosetta. - This will probably be a mostly purchased costume.

9. Time Machine purse.

10. Diamonds for HQ bodysuit. - This will probably get scratched. Although I'd like to be more accurate, I really don't want to mess with attempting to applique spandex onto spandex.

11. Cover Girl from GI Joe.

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