Monday, July 25, 2011

DragonCon To Do List - Week of July 25th

Progress on last week's to do list:

1. I finished stitching the braid onto my jacket cuffs and tacked down the facing inside. The cuffs were too narrow so I shortened them so they'd be wide enough to attach to the sleeves. I didn't get them attached but they are pinned and ready for sewing.

2. I finished preliminary work on Scarlet Spider. Then I set up and had a fitting with Professor Watt.

3. The mystery jacket is almost finished. I stitched the lining to the shell at the bottom hem, basted the other edges together, attached the collar, hand stitched the collar to cover the raw edges and pinned but didn't hand stitch the armholes.

4. I didn't have the chance to work on Miss Von Stoup's next costume but I did work on my vest. The top / front spirals are almost done. Next up is adding some pink, then more metallic but in lines instead of spirals. Then I have the bottom of the border left. I'd like to do more spirals but it may just get lines.

In other news, I picked out a couple cottons to make sleep shorts out of and purchased and pre-washed 2 yards of white muslin for my Persian pants. I also purchased belting for my Time Traveler hat band.

This week's to do list:

1. Confederate jacket - Attach cuffs. Then sew on snaps and 'buttons.'

2. Finish Scarlet Spider. It needs taken in, the zipper needs sewn in place permanently and the eye pieces need to be attached to the mask. Then its going to get packed up and be passed off to Professor Watt over the weekend.

3. Mystery jacket - Hand stitch lining in place at armholes.

4. Work on the Ottoman vest embroidery.

5. If possible, I'd like to start the Persian pants and cut out the sleep shorts.

Complete to do list:


1. Confederate Vivandiere uniforms. -- My skirt is done. My jacket is almost there. I don't know where Miss Von Stoup is on her skirts and I can't do more work on the jacket until the skirts are done.

2. Scarlet Spider. -- This will be finished this week.

3. My mystery costume. -- The jacket is almost done. Then its just decorating the hat, getting some ribbons for my mitts and maybe making spats or straps for the boots. I do need to try a petticoat under the skirt to see if that makes the lining more visible...

4. Post apocalyptic costume for Miss Von Stoup. -- She's changed her jacket idea so I can't work on this til I meet with her. And she's making part of the costume, I can't work on the skirts til her part of the costume is finished.

5. Ottoman vest and bustle improvements. -- I'm slowly but surely making progress on the vest embroidery. As for the bustle, I'm going to work on it once I have my dressmaker's dummy here with me (if I can make room for it...). I'm thinking of just stitching it how I want it or using binder clips.

6. Pockets / pouch for my beau's kilt. -- I think he's gonna have a friend help him with this actually.


7. Pants for the Persian costume. -- I bought the fabric and I have the tutorial, just need to sit down and do it. Should only take an evening.

8. Steampunk Rosetta for Miss Von Stoup. -- Mostly purchased, put together by her probably.

9. Time Machine purse. -- No idea if this is going to happen.

10. Time Traveler hat band. -- I have the base materials, just need the watches from my mom to add to it.

11. Cover Girl from GI Joe. -- This is going to be purchased. I need a tan / khaki button up shirt and pants, brown boots, belt and bomber jacket, a shoulder bag and a leg holster. I have a pair of pants that might suit.

12. Sleep shorts. -- I pulled out a pajama pant pattern this week (I'll just shorten it) and some fabric: one with pin up girls and one that's purple and orange with stars on it.

13. Almost forgot! If Steampunk Rosetta comes together then we need to make fairy wings for that and for my steampunk Tinkerbell. If Rosetta doesn't happen, I probably won't take Tinkerbell. I'd also like to get some tools for Tink...

Countdown: 38 days.


  1. Great Blog! Would love pictures to see your progress!

  2. I will try to comply! I'm terrible at remembering to take and post photos unfortunately! lol