Sunday, July 17, 2011

DragonCon To Do List - Week of July 18th

Last week's progress (July 11th to do list):

I met with Miss Von Stoup on Wednesday and again on Saturday. Her new 'dress' uniform is well underway: an apron and bustle out of the original skirt fabric and an underskirt of a lighter grey silvery plaid. I also worked on my uniform jacket: it has been hemmed and the sleeves shortened. I cut out the cuffs, put them together, topstitched the edge and started sewing black braid along the edge. Miss Von Stoup's jacket will have to wait until her skirts are finished to be fitted with them to determine hem length.

Here's a shot of one cuff, topstitched but no braid attached:

And here's the other cuff - topstitched and in the process of having braid attached:

Yesterday, I put Scarlet Spider together, except for the zipper which needs basted in.

I worked on my mystery jacket -- I took apart the muslin to use for the interlining, cut out the silk and the lining (the lining is a wide pink / white stripe) as well as the collar. I stitched the interlining to the silk, and put both the lining and the shell together. The collar was also put together and topstitched. For the collar, I used left over black sateen from the skirt for the outside and the same black taffeta used on the corset for the lining.

Although I haven't worked on my beau's quilt, I did find a little time to work on embroidering my vest.

Although it wasn't on my list, I spent a couple hours this morning working on going through, sorting, organizing and rearranging my sewing stash. I'd like to sit down and go through the scrap box next, see if there's anything worth saving. Eventually, I'd like to do a patchwork skirt.

This week's to do list:

1. Finish stitching the braid onto my jacket cuffs. Attach cuffs to jacket. Tack down the facing inside. If all that gets done, start sewing on snaps and 'buttons'. And maybe more braid, but that will likely have to wait til Miss Von Stoup's jacket is more complete. I'm hoping to set up another sewing date with her this week, but she's working a lot of overtime at the lab, so I don't know if that will happen. Maybe on the weekend.

2. Baste the zipper into Scarlet Spider and fix the collar. Then set up a fitting with Professor Watt.

3. Finish my mystery jacket. I need to stitch the lining to the shell at the bottom hem (pinned already), baste the other edges together, attach the collar, hand stitch the collar to cover the raw edges and then hand stitch the armholes.

4. Extra time will be devoted to: Ottoman vest embroidery and maybe starting on Miss Von Stoup's next costume.

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