Saturday, July 9, 2011

Not Much about DragonCon...

First of all, I made a little progress yesterday while at work - I tried to work on my jacket, but the cotton I'm using for a pattern / mock up / interlining despreately needed ironed, so I couldn't cut it out. I did however get a little bit of embroidery done. Progress!

There's been a lot of drama in Miss Wilde's life recently -- I didn't want to go to a convention. Then I decided I would go to hang out with friends. And just as I'm starting to look forward to costuming, I realize I don't have the money for a badge. So I decide I'll just stay home and sew all weekend. After all, just think of all I could get done! Start Scarlet Spider, have Miss Von Stoup over and work on our Confederate uniforms, clean my sewing area and maybe even work on my mystery costume jacket. So I make a little list and happily go on my way. Then my friend who was coming into town for the convention and staying at my house for the weekend calls and offers to buy my badge. So there went all my sewing plans for the weekend.

So when I got home from work, I readied the apartment for guests with a quickie cleaning. I did manage to get a little done -- I tidied my sewing area so its a little more controlled chaos instead of just chaos. And I ironed my cotton, which I cut out last night and pinned together this morning.

I'm already contemplating cutting out Scarlet Spider after work before I head back to the convention...

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