Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 18th DragonCon To Do List Progress II

1. Confederate Jacket: I'm almost done stitching the braid onto the cuffs. Next up is attaching them to the jacket then tacking down the facing.

2. Had a fitting with Professor Watt and took in the suit -- a lot. But that was expected and the plan! Finishing it will probably wait til next week, when I have an extra evening off!

3. Mystery jacket - Stitched the lining and outside along the bottom, then basted the two together along the front edges and attached the collar. Now all that's left is hand sewing the collar in place to cover the raw edges and handstitching the lining along the armholes!

4. AND I've worked on the vest a little.

Decent progress, no?

However...I'm adding to my to do list. I know I know I'm nuts. But neither will take long! I need to make a hatband for my pink straw hat to go with Time Traveler. I'm planning to wear it in the parade and I am not wearing the hooded jacket in that heat!! I'm thinking white satin over something substantial (belting?) with clock faces and a big purple feather. And it has to be removable / coverable so I can re-do the hat for my mystery costume. And the second thing is a pair or two of sleep shorts. I'll probably just raid my stash for those. Alternatively I could just go BUY a pack of men's boxers... But I do need the hat band.

Packed for the weekend at my beau's: Confederate jacket, mystery costume jacket, fabric and pattern for his sporran, and I'll have my vest as well. I may also grab the stuff for Miss Von Stoup's post apoc outfit.

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