Friday, July 8, 2011

July 4th DragonCon To Do List Progress II

Miss Von Stoup was under the weather yesterday and unable to attend our meeting. However, Prof. Watt and I DID go shopping so I have yards of spandex with matching thread and zipper sitting on my table at home for when I have time. So at least some progress was made.

My mystery costume skirt is finished! Yesterday, I put the zipper in, put the waistband on and sewed on a hook closure. Then I finished the back edges of the top layer and attached a white grosgrain ribbon waistband that will tie in the back.

I tried on what I have together so far and Miss Dashwood commented that I need more green. My current thoughts are leaning towards just wearing a green cami under the jacket and leaving the blouse off. My reasons for this are (1) it would satisfy the need for more green (2) the blouse doesn't really allow a jacket to go over it very well and (3) I made the sleeves just a bit too snug and its not very comfortable to wear.

As for the jacket, I did make a post regarding it yesterday. And I have decided (I think) to go with the Victorian jacket option - shortened to make the most of what fabric I have, lined in black sateen (if I have enough) and with a collar made out of an as yet to be determined fabric. I like the idea of pink on pink, but the shades may not compliment each other. I could go black or white or I could go with pink and white stripes. I have a large pink and white stripe in my stash. Another option would be a black sateen collar and lined in the stripes. So we'll see how that turns out.

In other mystery costume news, I found some large jewelry charms on clearance yesterday and snatched them up as they matched my inspiration for this costume. I'm not sure where they will go yet, maybe a necklace, maybe on the hat.

So the mystery costume is approaching completion and I have the materials to start my next major commission for DragonCon. I feel pretty good about the current situation.

In non DragonCon news, I made a pair of sleep / lounging shorts. I used the Colette mini bloomer pattern (free for download) and cut out the largest size. The fabric was about a yard of this loud paisley print in bright pink, turquoise, yellow, black and white. I just did an elastic waist and hemmed the legs without any drawstring or elastic. However, they kind of ended up looking like a full short skirt. I think I need to take out some of the width in the legs... But they are pretty comfy.

And since its related to the blog, I'm wearing my walkaway dress today. I went between this dress and another retro dress. I like the other one just a little bit more (its more flattering I think), but the walkaway just just a touch more comfortable to wear.

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