Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Updated Full DragonCon To Do List


1. Confederate Vivandiere uniforms. -- As you know from previous posts, these are coming along well. My skirt is done. My jacket is approaching done: I need to stitch one more row of braid on one cuff, attach the cuffs to the jacket, tack down the facing, sew on snaps and 'buttons'. Miss Von Stoup has been working on her skirts, I do not know the current state but I do know that she had the underskirt mainly finished and had started on the bustle. Once her skirts are done, we'll move onto her jacket: it needs fitted, hemmed, the cuffs decorated with braid and attached, the facing tacked down, then finished with snaps and buttons. Both jackets may get more braid than just the cuffs but I don't know for sure yet.

2. Scarlet Spider. -- This has been put together and fitted. I just need to take it in and sew the eye pieces onto the mask and it'll be done!

3. My mystery costume. -- The top, corset and skirt are all finished. The jacket just needs some hand sewing. Then I'll see about the accessories: decorating the hat, ribbons for my mitts, maybe making straps / spats for my boots.

4. Post apocalyptic costume for Miss Von Stoup. -- We have a plan for this and patterns have been pulled out for her jacket. But I won't be able to start on the skirts until she does her part.

5. Ottoman vest and bustle improvements. -- I've been working on the vest, haven't touched the bustle. Part of me wonders if I could just bustle it with binder clips...

6. Pockets / pouch for my beau's kilt. -- I pulled out the remnants from making his kilt and the pattern today.


7. Pants for the Persian costume. -- I think I'm going to pick up some muslin this weekend and see about getting these done. UPDATE Bought two yards of muslin to use for these today.

8. Steampunk Rosetta. -- This will probably be a mostly purchased costume.

9. Time Machine purse. -- Don't know if this is going to happen.

10. Time Traveler hat band. -- I have a plan, I just need to pick up one or two things to use. UPDATE Picked up the belting that I plan to use for the innards. I'm thinking cover it in white satin, add some clock parts (which I should get next weekend from my mom) and there we go.

11. Cover Girl from GI Joe. -- Probably entirely purchased. UPDATE I have a pair of khaki cargo pants that might suit...

12. Sleep shorts -- I'll either make a couple pairs from my stash or buy some men's boxers.

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