Monday, June 27, 2011

DragonCon Mystery Costume - The Jewelry and The Skirt

While cleaning out my parents' basement, I found some awesome jewelry, including this stunning bracelet. I figured it would be perfect for the mystery costume since its green and pink.

As planned, I worked on rearranging my room last evening and unloaded most of my car. I still have two boxes I need to find space for.

I also worked on the mystery costume's skirt. I cut out three layers, messed up the first, and did the other two correctly. I think I can save the messed up layer. I also pinned the hems on the two layers that I cut correctly. One is the green metallic mesh from the fabric post last week and the other will be white cotton trimmed in lace. If the messed up layer is salvageable its going to be white cotton trimmed in pink and white striped ruffles.

In other news, I compiled a master list of all my costumes today. I made a spreadsheet of every item I need for each costume. My aim is to make packing for conventions easier.

UPDATE Worked on the skirt tonight. Hemmed layers one and two; cut, sewed together and hemmed the pink striped ruffle; also did a gathering stitch along the unhemmed edge. Its in my bag for me to work on at work tomorrow if I have time.

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