Thursday, June 23, 2011

DragonCon Mystery Costume - The Corset

First of all, please go check out the article that Columbus Alive just did about the Airship Archon:

I'm wearing my black and plaid outfit, but I left the long sleeved bodice at home in favor of a sleeveless jacket and a black and silver striped unboned corset, worn over a red tank. I really like the splash of color the tank gives it, don't you? And Miss Dashwood wore the bustle and bloomers from her conductrix outfit and looked just lovely.

Now for the important thing: My pink silk corset, which is almost finished after I put in a couple hours on it last night.

I started by finishing basting the silk to the denim interlining. Then I stitched the silk / denim pieces together, taking it in further on two seams. Next, I pinned the seam allowances back on both the lining and the silk / denim and stitched the seam allowances down to form boning channels (a few of which ended up a little small and gave me some issues). With the channels done, I started working on the boning (cable ties, about 3/8 inch wide) - cutting it to length and trimming the ends before sliding them into the channels. A total of fourteen bones went into this corset - two on each seam and one on each side of the back.

Here's what the corset looks like right now:

All that's left to do is bind it (I'm going to make my own from the taffeta I lined it with, saves money that way) and put in the eyelets. The binding will likely take a while as I plan to do it by hand.

The silk was a joy to work with, and turned out beautifully. Since all this little corset took was the smaller remnant, I have another one left to work with. It'll probably be incorporated into the rest of the costume somewhere. Or I'll save it for something else special.

A note on the corset pattern - it was labeled as a size 4/6 but I'd say its more of a 6/8. I used smaller seam allowances than allowed for by the corset and still had to take it in more. This is the pattern I used:

Last night I also made a few repairs and sewed labels into several items that I've made and don't wear. I'm planning to take them to The Alley, a new vintage / costume shop that just opened in town -

Ending note: always be super careful when cutting boning - I scraped my knuckle last night with the scissors:

Corset UPDATE - I worked on the binding today at work. Cut the binding out of the taffeta and started sewing it to the back side with plans to fold it over and whip stitch it to the front. It's almost all stitched on and I've been folding and pinning it to the front as I go. I'm pretty sure this thing is going to be done by this weekend. I might even wear it to Origins! As long as I can figure out something to wear it with that is. :) I'm a little worried about setting the eyelets though - I don't think my eyelet tool is long enough to put the eyelets where they need to go. I may have to see if someone has an awl I can borrow.

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