Sunday, June 26, 2011

Updated Completed 2011 Project List

I realized the other day that I hadn't updated this list in months. So here you go, a look at all the sewing I've done this year (or at least most of it).


  1. Kermit the Frog pajama pants - stash fabric, thread and pattern
  2. Imperial Officer uniform - purchased fabric and one pattern, stash thread and one pattern
  3. Catwoman for Miss Dashwood
  4. Harem pants for Lady of the Ottoman Empire (steampunk middle eastern ensemble) - stash fabric, pattern and thread
  5. Pin Up Skirt - completed unfinished project
  6. Joker jacket - purchased pattern, stash fabric and thread
  7. Star Wars quilt top for my beau - stash fabric and thread
  1. Purple Knit Tunic - purchased fabric and pattern, stash thread
  2. Think Pink Skirt - stash fabric and pattern, purchased thread and zipper
  3. Valentine's Nightie - stash fabric, pattern, thread and ribbon
  4. City Bluescape Skirt - stash fabric, elastic and thread, purchased fabric for border
  5. Imperial Officer pants - purchased fabric, stash pattern, thread and zipper
  1. Bob's corset - purchased supplies via Bob
  2. Ruffle added to HQ petticoat. - stash fabric
  3. Cage bustle petticoat. - purchased fabric, stash pattern, boning and quilt binding
  1. Corset for Rachel. - purchased fabric and pattern via Rachel, stash boning and thread
  2. Steamnun costume for Miss Dashwood. - purchased fabric and pattern via Miss Dashwood
  1. Imperial Officer toga for my beau. - no pattern used, beau purchased fabric
  2. Asian inspired jacket for Miss Von Stoup. - stash pattern, Miss Von Stoup purchased fabric
  3. Persian steampunk. - purchased pattern, stash fabric, thread and buttons
  4. Vest for my beau. - stash fabric and purchased pattern
  1. Pink silk dupioni corset. - purchased fabric (remnants!), stash fabric, thread and eyelets, free downloaded pattern from BurdaStyle
  1. Sleep shorts - free downloaded pattern from Colette patterns, stash fabric, thread and elastic

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