Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer / Dragon*Con To Do List

Yes, I am thinking of Dragon*Con already. My dear mother thinks its foolish, I on the other hand know that there are less than 90 days til Dragon*Con and I have a lot to do. Let the planning begin! This is going to be in some semblance of order. I think.

First up? Projects that need finished and or improved.

  • Our Confederate vivandiere uniforms. The sleeves need set into both jackets. All the hems need finished. And then we need to add the trim and buttons.
  • I need to finish the embroidery (at least the border) on my Ottoman vest so I can wear that costume again. I have been working on it.
  • I also need to finish fixing the bustle for my Ottoman costume.
  • I need to make the pants for my Persian costume. I may take some of the green silk faille from the skirt hem to make the cuffs and waistband. Or see if I can find fabric the same color to use.
  • I'd like to finish the Time Machine Purse for my Time Traveler.
  • And I also want to add diamonds to my Harley Quinn comic costume so its more accurate.
  • I need to finish my beau's Joker costume. The pants need hemmed. The jacket needs buttons and buttonholes. And I'm probably going to have to take everything in.
  • And I need to put pockets on my beau's kilt or make him a pouch to go with it.

Okay, now for new projects that need completed:

  • My playsuit combo. I think I'm going to change the bodice pattern. Adapting the walkaway dress bodice isn't going to work.
  • Scarlet Spider costume for Prof. Watt
  • Post apocalyptic costume for Miss Von Stoup
  • Steampunk Rosetta costume for Miss Von Stoup to go with my steampunk Tinkerbell
  • And a couple more costumes for Miss Von Stoup -- a polanaise out of a black and silver damask print and maybe something more out of the blue Chinese print we used for her Asian inspired jacket.
  • I may try to make a Simi costume or a Star Trek costume for myself but doubt it'll happen.

And what I'm taking to the beau's for the weekend:

  • Confederate uniforms.
  • Ottoman vest
  • Persian pants
  • Joker costume
  • Patterns for the Scarlet Spider, kilt and playsuit to think about what I need to purchase for each project

I realize everything won't get finished this weekend, but at least I'll have plenty to work on.

I've also been thinking about what costumes to take to Dragon*Con. And haven't been able to decide anything. As usual.

So much to do. And only 83 days left to do it in.


A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

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