Monday, June 20, 2011

DragonCon 2

I worked on Miss Von Stoup's Confederate jacket this weekend. I finished taking it in (which I thought I'd already done, oops), put the facings together and pinned the collar on. I'm hoping to work on it this evening, maybe get the facings in and the collar on, so we can have another fitting.

I also worked on a little project for myself - an underbust corset. I found two remnants of bright pink silk dupioni on Saturday and could not resist them. I also picked up a remnant of white denim to use for the interlining. The lining is going to be black moire taffeta left over from Diamonds and from my beau's vest. The pattern is a free one I found on BurdaStyle, so we'll see how it goes together. I cut out the pattern and cut out and pinned together the lining to see how it fits. The pattern calls for a busk, which I'm omitting so I cut the front on the fold instead of in two pieces. It also calls for spiral and flat steel boning, but I'm just going to use cable ties. Honestly, readers, I'm thin enough that I have no need for steel boning, plastic cable ties should be sufficient.

Then of course the question becomes what in the world do I wear with this bright pink underbust corset...

I'm slowly but surely making progress on my sewing list.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde


  1. Hmmm bright pink...for some reason I want to put you in white and pink? Maybe it's the hair...

  2. I do have some white and pink striped fabric...Not very much of it though...Also the hair will probably only be blonde until September. I want my red back! lol