Sunday, June 26, 2011

DragonCon Mystery Costume - The Corset II

When last we spoke, the corset needed the binding and eyelets done before it was finished. I worked on it while in the office a couple days this week and finished it during a drive yesterday to our family reunion.

Since it was done, I decided to wear it to Origins today to the panels that a few Airship Archon members put on. Originally, my idea was to wear it with my black bustle skirt, but the corset comes down too far in the back for that to work. So I pulled out my black tiered cotton 'gypsy' skirt and paired with a black tank and my lace blouse. I wore pink tights and my black granny boots and topped off the pink and black ensemble with my black straw hat, newly decorated with a pink hatband made from a scrap of the silk last night.

Taken by me on my phone so obviously not the best photo, but at least it gives you an idea.

I do need to stiffen the front edges of the corset, both top and bottom as they are rather floppy (as you can see). I also need to get longer laces. As of now, I have to put it on and lace it completely, the laces are not long enough for me to loosen and slide the corset on before tightening it to fit.

I may get around to working on the skirt a bit this evening, but my plans are to tidy and rearrange my room before unloading my car. My mother asked me to get some of my things out of her basement, so my trunk is currently full of boxes and there's a bookcase in the backseat.

Edit: Here's a full length photo of the Origins Archon panelists - the Captain, Sally Van Eycke, myself and Miss Dashwood in her steamnun. Photo was taken by a panelist attendee on Miss Dashwood's camera.

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