Saturday, June 11, 2011

What I did this weekend

Confederate uniforms: These haven't been touched so far. I just really don't feel like working on them.

Ottoman vest: I've been working on the embroidery. The goal is to get the border done this summer for Dragon Con.

Persian pants: Turns out I didn't buy enough fabric to make them ankle length, unless I make them not very poofy. S0 I'm either gonna have to make them not poofy or buy more fabric. Leaning towards option number two there.

Joker costume: Decided to leave at home. And talked to the beau about it, he probably won't have his portion of the costume gathered by DragonCon so it's being put to the side. Again.

I forgot the kilt pattern. Ooops.

I figured out how much fabric we need for the Scarlet Spider.

I also figured out how much fabric I need for my playsuit / skirt combo. The skirt alone needs three and a half yards! Circle skirts definitely take a lot of fabric, but they look so awesome. I'll need about two yards for the playsuit itself, as well as thread (might just use what I have), a zipper for the playsuit and probably some buttons for the skirt.

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