Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekend Sewing Plans

Tonight I want to get one alteration done and start putting the jackets together. I'll probably do Miss Von Stoup's first as it will more than likely require more alteration than mine. UPDATE -- Got the body of her jacket put together: front to side front, back to side back, shoulder and side seams are basted. No alterations though. I went and had my hair cut instead.

What I need to take to my beau's this weekend --

1. My Persian bodice and skirt for hand sewing
2. Supplies for making a hat for my Persian costume
3. My Confederate jacket
4. Fabric and pattern to maybe make my beau a new vest
5. Patterns for playsuit / skirt combo. Current idea is to use the walkaway dress pattern and a short pattern.

And now I also want this -

But I want it black with red and white diamonds. Thanks to Tuppence Ha'penny for the idea!

That's it for now!

Miss Leah J Wilde

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