Thursday, April 21, 2011

To Do List Progress/Update - Week of 4/18/2011

1. Finishing Rachel's corset - DONE

2. Finishing Miss Dashwood's Steamnun - DONE except for going over it and clipping stray threads

3. Steampunk Confederate Vivandiere Uniforms - the plan is to start these tomorrow. We'd like to have them done by Marcon.
  • Make two gathered waist skirts
  • Cut out and make two jackets
  • Embellish with braid, buttons and pips on the collars
4. Improving my Lady of the Ottoman Empire bustle and vest - haven't worked on these this week, but plan to take them with me to my parents' house this weekend. I'd like to have this done by Marcon, but if it's not finished, I'll just push it back to DragonCon.

5. Finishing the Captain's alterations - haven't worked on these this week. These need done by Marcon.

6. Finishing Steampunk Persian costume - As mentioned in previous posts, the vest is almost finished. I'd like this done by Marcon for a trial run.
  • Finish vest - armholes, buttonholes, buttons, tack pocket flaps down, sew rings underneath for bustling
  • Make skirt
  • Make bodice
  • Make a matching hat - I'm thinking of maybe a pillbox with a white veil or a fez
7. Adding lace to Miss Dashwood's bustle - She's having trouble finding something she likes with enough yardage. If she can find some soon enough, I'll get this done by Marcon.

8. Repairing Miss Dashwood's utility bustle before Marcon.

9. Playsuit and matching skirt - I found a cute short pattern in my stash. It's part of a pattern I bought for my sister in law's Christmas pressie a couple years ago, so the size is wrong, but I should be able to make it work. I plan to pair it with a Vogue dress pattern I've used before - sew the bodice and shorts together, probably with a back zipper, and then make a matching skirt with buttons down the front. This will obviously wait until after Marcon, or at least until after my Marcon sewing is finished since I'd like it before summer.

10. My beau's quilt - I have the batting, I just need to pick up a king sized sheet for the backing. Then comes pinning it and starting the quilting progress. Again this may wait until after Marcon.

What I plan to work on this weekend at my parents' -
  • Persian vest if the hand sewing isn't already finished
  • Cutting out Confederate jackets
  • The Ottoman bustle and vest
  • The quilt if I get backing for it. I'd like to get it pinned this weekend if possible because my parents' have a pool table, which is perfect for pinning quilts.
  • Playsuit pattern (make it out of newspaper)

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