Sunday, April 10, 2011

Marcon Prep - Updated To Do List and Perisan Steampunk

Updated MARCon to do list
  1. Add lace to Miss Dashwood's black cotton bustle - she still needs to buy lace for this
  2. Steamnun for Miss Dashwood (at least I assume she needs it for MARCon) - fabric is being prewashed today, so we'll probably start this costume this week
  3. Alterations for the Captain - These have been started
  4. Embroidered border on my Lady of the Ottoman Empire vest - I've been adding pink slowly and purchased more silver yesterday
  5. A more permanent solution to my Ottoman bustle - I sewed the two scarves together along the top where it wraps around my waist, and put a hook and eye closure on it to hold it closed.
  6. Steampunk Confederate Vivandiere - We should be starting these this week, getting the fabric and prewashing it at least. We plan to have a sewing day to work on the skirts.
  7. Corset for Rachel - started and waiting for a fitting
  8. Persian Steampunk - I worked on this a lot this weekend actually
Persian Steampunk - I talked to Miss Dashwood and we decided that I should just shorten the pattern. So I cut it out of the white muslin, pinned it together, trimmed the edges, tried it on, and liked the way it laid. Next came unpinning it, and fixing the bottom edges of the pieces, using the pattern pieces for guides. The muslin (which will become the lining) then became my pattern and I managed to cut everything out except the pocket facing. I think that will come out of the silk faille to match the skirt.

Speaking of the silk faille. I have about two yards of it, a little less once I cut out the pocket facings. I haven't decided if I'm going to use a pattern, or just do a simple gathered waist skirt under the vest. I bought fabric dye yesterday -- IDye in Olive. I think it'll be rather lovely with the brocade, which is pink, coral and bronze-green.

This morning, I found a scrap of coral satin and covered four 7/8 inch buttons for the vest. And I found pale pink thread which I shall need for said vest.

If this is done for MARCon, I'm going to consider it a trial run for DragonCon. Because I want this to be perfect for DCon.

I think I'll work on my Ottoman vest embroidery now.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

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