Friday, April 15, 2011

Weekend To Do List - MARCon Preparations

Marcon begins six weeks from today (cue panicked screams). And you know what that means - lots of to do lists and updates!

This weekend I would like to:

  • First of all, I'm going fabric shopping tonight and purchasing the fabric for our confederate uniforms. I have sincere doubts that they'll be finished by Marcon, but we'll see. I'll probably hand it off to Miss Von Stoup to pre-wash and get back to me asap. I'll also be getting her pattern, as well as a variety of other things. We're planning spending an evening next week working on our skirts, which will be the easiest part of the project. Then I get to make jackets!
  • Repair the Captain's hooded vest. (Time estimate: around an hour)
  • Finish Rachel's corset. She's okay with it just having lace along the bottom, so that issue is taken care of. So all I need to do is sew the lining to the outside and put in the eyelets. (Time estimate: two to three hours, depending on how much hand sewing I end up doing)
  • Miss Dashwood's Steamnun - Part of my purchase today is for this: thread, a pattern for the top and elastic for the skirt. It should be a simple project, just an elastic waisted skirt, a loose blouse and a drape. The colors she choose are fabulous - a dark red and a deep orange. (Time estimate for total completion: 1-2 hours for the top, 1-2 hours for the skirt, 1 hour for the drape)
  • My Persian Steampunk - I'm also planning on purchasing one or two things for this costume, including a little coral satin to use as trim. Hopefully I can match the coral I used on my buttons. I'd like to get the lining put together and the fabric dyed this weekend. (Time estimate for this weekend: under an hour to put the lining together since I already started it, 1-2 hours for the dyeing)
  • Maybe work on my Ottoman vest embroidery a little. This is another project that I'm starting to doubt finishing.
Looking ahead, I have the following to complete before Marcon, roughly in order of what needs completed first and projects that I doubt completion of are towards the bottom:

  • Finishing Rachel's corset. (two to three hours)
  • Finishing the Captain's alterations. (three hours, one hour per item)
  • Miss Dashwood's Steamnun. (three to six hours)
  • Steampunk Confederate Vivanidiere uniforms. (two to three hours for the skirts, probably four to six hours for each jacket, so a total of eleven to fifteen hours for basic construction. Embellishment will add to that time considerably.)
  • Steampunk Persian costume (I haven't worked on this enough to say how long it'll take to finish)
  • Finishing the embroidered border on my Lady of the Ottoman Empire vest (a lot of hours, I'd guess at least around 20 hours to finish the border)
  • Fixing my Ottoman bustle. (two to three hours, if that)
  • Adding lace to Miss Dashwood's bustle if she purchases lace soon enough. (one to two hours)
In short, I have a lot to do over the next six weeks. Wish me luck.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

PS My Shopping list:
  1. Thread - red and orange for the Steamnun, coral for the Persian, gray for the uniforms, and white, black and cream for my stash.
  2. Patterns - McCalls 4097 for the Steamnun top, Burda 7458 for Miss Von Stoup's uniform, and I may pick up a couple McCalls as well since they are on sale.
  3. Fabric - 9 to 10 yards of gray stretch sateen for our uniforms and some coral satin for the Persian. I'm also going to check the discount table because its on sale.
  4. Notions - elastic for the Steamnun skirt, elastic for my stash, and machine needles. I will probably also pick up hook closures, hooks and eyes and some snaps. I might buy some covered buttons and or bobbins as well.
  5. Gray quilt binding for the uniforms.
  6. Batting for my beau's Star Wars quilt.

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