Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weekend To Do List Progress

Fabric shopping was a success. Miss Von Stoup has our uniform fabric to prewash and I bought pretty much everything on my list. However I could not find coral fabric for my Persian vest. I'll keep a lookout, maybe something will show up. Or I could use another color, but since the buttons are already coral I feel that the trim should match.

I worked on Rachel's corset a little bit, sewed the shoulders of the white / denim together and started sewing the inside and the outside together. While working on sewing the inside and outside together, my machine died. With the corset stuck under the needle. Looks like I'll be making a trip to the "doctor's" office on Monday after work. EDIT - Got the corset unstuck and used Miss Dashwood's machine to finish putting it together. All that's left is a little hand sewing and the eyelets.

Steamnun: I picked up thread, the top pattern and elastic. I cut out the tunic and put it together. I just basted the shoulder seams because it has a facing that goes in before you sew those seams. Now all she needs to do is try it on to see how it fits! I also put the facing together and finished the bottom edge. I put together the drape (out of the red shade of cotton) - cut the two yards in half along the fold, sewed the two pieces together along the short edge, hemmed both ends and one side since the other side already has a finished selvage edge. All that's left is to finish the tunic and put the skirt together.

Persian Steampunk: The lining is put together and taken in along the necessary seams, so that's done. I attempted to dye my silk faille, but it didn't take very well -- the fade lines still show. Sigh. I'll probably give it another try before giving up, maybe I'll put the skirt together first and then see how it looks before trying to dye it again. I may also try the stove top method instead of using the washing machine on the second try. Even though I can't do much on the vest since I don't have the silk for the pocket facings yet, I did some stay stitching and put the back together.

The Captain's hooded vest is repaired. It was a bit tricky and I'm not sure how long it'll hold as the fabric is fraying but I did my best and used some Fray Check so hopefully it'll stay for a little while at least. So half of the Captain's alterations are finished!

I also worked on my Ottoman bustle, using my beau's mother's dress form to drape it. However, I can't stitch it together yet because I lack the appropriate color thread.

And tomorrow after work, I drop off my beloved Fern at the sewing machine repair shop.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

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