Sunday, April 17, 2011

Marcon To Do List - Week of 4/18/2011

Okay, readers, here's what I need (or would like to at least) get done over the next week:
  • Finishing Rachel's corset - It's almost done, all that's left are the eyelets and a little handsewing around the armholes and where I left an opening to turn it after stitching the lining to the outside. (one to two hours)
  • Miss Dashwood's Steamnun - I need to have Miss Dashwood try on her tunic and then finish it, and then figure out the length of the skirt, hem it, sew the casing, put in the elastic and sew the back seam. (two hours, maybe three)
  • Steampunk Confederate Vivanidiere uniforms - These WILL be started this week. Fabric has been purchased and prewashed. We are starting the skirts tomorrow. (two to three hours for the skirts, probably four to six hours for each jacket, so a total of eleven to fifteen hours for basic construction. Embellishment will add to that time considerably.)
  • Fixing my Ottoman bustle. (two to three hours, if that)
  • Maybe finish one of the two alterations remaining for the Captain.
  • I'd also like to start quilting my beau's quilt, but that's obviously not for Marcon.
And here's the full Marcon to do list:
  • Finishing Rachel's corset
  • Finishing Miss Dashwood's Steamnun
  • Steampunk Confederate Vivandiere Uniforms
  • Improving my Lady of the Ottoman Empire - bustle and vest
  • Finishing the Captain's alterations
  • Finishing Steampunk Persian costume (including naming it...)
  • Adding lace to Miss Dashwood's bustle if she purchases lace soon enough.
I'm slowly checking things off at least. I'll be going to visit my parents over Easter weekend so I need to decide what I can work on down there, because while there is a sewing machine it is not easily accessible. I'll probably take the Ottoman bustle and vest, and maybe the quilt if I get backing for it. And a pattern that I would like my grandmother to help me with -- I'm obsessed with having a playsuit / suit combination like the ones Whirling Turban sells
( I have a dress pattern I'd like to use, but I need the shorts portion of the playsuit. Grandma may need to help me with the quilt as well.

I'll probably be heading to bed soon, after packing up my things so I can head back to my place tomorrow.

Bonne nuit, mes amis. Dormi bien.

Miss Leah J Wilde

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