Saturday, April 23, 2011

Major Progress on Marcon!

First of all, most of the hand sewing on my Persian vest is finished. While at work yesterday, I pinned and sewed the armholes and last evening, I did the buttonholes. All that's left is to cut open the buttonholes and sew on the buttons!

Secondly, we started our Confederate uniforms last evening! My skirt is almost complete, Miss Von Stoup's still needs gathered and waistbanded. All I need to do is hand stitch the waistband into place and put a closure on.

We took a length of fabric (2 yards for me, 2 and a half for her), cut it along the fold, sewed the ends together (one side was sewn with a notch so that it can overlap and thus eliminate the need for a zipper), hemmed them along the selvaged edge. I went ahead and gathered mine down to a waistband, but she did not make it that far.

In my sewing bag for the weekend --
1. Playsuit patterns - btw, I'm thinking a black playsuit with a coordinating skirt or skirts in a pattern.
2. Persian vest to finish the buttonholes and buttons
3. Persian bodice to cut out
4. My Confederate skirt to finish
5. Confederate jackets to cut out
6. Ottoman bustle and vest
7. My beau's quilt

My plan is to finish the vest and skirt first, then move on to cutting out patterns.

And now its time to load up the car and get to work, and then? On to Cincinnati! I'm so excited about going home for a little while, just wish it could be longer than 24 hours.

A bientot! and Happy Easter!

Miss Leah J Wilde

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